Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention: FAQ- Sexual Harassment

Northwestern University

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What are some examples of sexual harassment?

Prohibited acts that constitute sexual harassment may take a variety of forms. Examples of the kinds of conduct that may constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Engaging in unwelcome sexual propositions, invitations, solicitations, and flirtation;
  • Leering, staring at someone, or looking at someone with "elevator eyes" (i.e. looking someone up and down);
  • Using unwelcome sexually degrading language, sexual jokes, innuendos, or gestures;
  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, videotapes, graffiti and/or visuals that are not germane to any business or academic purpose;
  • Displaying or transmitting sexually suggestive electronic content, including inappropriate e-mails; Stalking or cyberbullying; ...