College of Arts and Sciences: Bias Reporting

University of Cincinnati

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    Policies on Bias and Hate Speech
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Relevant Excerpt

Generally, a bias-related incident is when a member of our A&S family has an experience unfair or poor treatment, discrimination, invalidation or disenfranchisement based on their actual or perceived: Race, Ethnicity, Nativity, Citizenship or immigration status, Language, Socioeconomic status, Religion, Religious practice, Ability (physical, psychological and cognitive), Age, Gender, Gender identity, Gender expression, Sexual orientation, Parenting and pregnancy status, Veteran status.


Standing in the University Community (student, staff or faculty) These incidents can range from verbal insults to physical harm.


The Equity Council will review the report to determine if it needs to be routed to a higher level within the university (i.e. Title IX, Ohio Equal Opportunity Act, Student Code of Conduct). If the findings determine that it should be routed to other entities in the university, the Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence and Community Partner will contact the necessary parties...The Equity Council will consult with the impacted individuals if there is sufficient contact information to further discuss the incident and formulate a plan to respond to the incident.