Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities: Outdoor Assemblies and Events, Solicitation and Dissemination of Viewpoints in Public Areas on Campus

University of New Hampshire

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Outdoor assemblies and events may only be held in designated areas on the UNH campus. Designated areas on campus are defined as those areas generally open to the public that do not serve a specific educational, administrative, research, health, residential, dining, athletic, or recreational purpose.

A student organization or University unit seeking to conduct an outdoor assembly or event where up to 25 persons may be reasonably expected to attend are not required to obtain a permit. Although it is not necessary for a students planning a small event or assembly to obtain prior permission from the university, they are encouraged to contact the UNH Police Department to identify an appropriate area for the small event or assembly for scheduling purposes to minimize possible conflicts and to request additional information as needed.

[A]ll applications for permits shall be assessed on a viewpoint neutral basis.

Individual students, including members of student organizations, who wish to solicit for contributions, distribute literature (including requesting a small fee or voluntary contribution for the literature to defray expenses); and engage in sequential, incidental, brief and transitory verbal interactions with passersby on the sidewalks and in the parking lots on campus may do so at any time.