Hate Bias Discrimination: Responding to Bias Incidents

University of New Orleans

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    Policies on Bias and Hate Speech
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The University of New Orleans strives to develop a diverse and inclusive community that ensures equal access, opportunity, participation, free inquiry, and representation for all. However, on occasion, bias-related incidents and behaviors of community members can have a negative impact on others. Bias-related incidents and/or hate crimes impede our ability to become communities of inclusive excellence. These exchanges reduce the opportunities for a respectful conversation to share our perspectives, experiences, and ideas. UNO takes these incidents and behaviors seriously. If you believe a bias-related incident has occurred, you may report it here https://uno.guardianconduct.com/incident-reporting

The Bias-Incident Protocol is not a disciplinary body and will not investigate, adjudicate or take the place of other University processes or services; rather, the aim is to complement and work with campus entities to connect impacted parties and communities with appropriate support and resources.

The United States’ free speech protections are among the strongest of any democracy; the First Amendment protects even speech that many would see as offensive, hateful, or harassing.

The First Amendment protects a right to say hateful things, but as a campus we strive to be a community where no one will choose to express hate.