Commit to Expression with this sweet free T-shirt!

October 3, 2018

The FIRE Student Network recently launched the fall 2018 activism toolkit, Commit to Expression. This toolkit gives students all the resources, ideas, and guidance needed to advocate for the adoption of a free speech statement on their campuses.

Students across the country have signed up and are already planning free speech-themed events, inviting FIRE speakers, launching Chicago Statement petitions, hosting letter-writing drives, writing op-eds, meeting with campus administrators, and much more. Come December, students who best distinguish themselves through their efforts will be awarded an assortment of incredible prizes!

Exciting, right? But that’s not all!

Students who sign up for the Commit to Expression toolkit within the next two weeks will be sent a free Commit to Expression T-shirt (pictured above). This offer is available while supplies last, to current students at U.S. colleges and universities who apply using their .edu email address.

Sign up today to help ensure that a culture of free speech and robust debate is cultivated at your school for generations to come.