Community College Student in New York Wins Victory for Free Speech

March 23, 2010

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has achieved a reversal of course at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) in New York, where student Joseph Hayon was previously restricted from handing out literature on campus. In September, Hayon, who was attempting to distribute a pro-life newsletter to students and other passersby outside the college cafeteria, was told by a campus security officer that he could not do so because the newsletters did not have an official stamp from the Office of Student Life, even though no such requirement exists under KCC policy. After speaking with campus officials, Hayon was told that he could have a table on campus to distribute the newsletter, but that he would have to wait eight days to receive the table, could only use it for four hours at a time, and could not directly hand out literature from the table.

Fortunately, after ADF intervened and sent a letter to the college, KCC reversed course and will now allow Hayon to distribute his literature without any of these restrictions. Congratulations to ADF on this victory for freedom of speech on campus!