Countdown of FIRE’s Top Videos from 2009: Number One!

January 4, 2010

In my past two posts, I have counted down to FIRE’s number one video of 2009. Now, of course, this ranking is really just my opinion, but I think the video I have chosen as number one for 2009 deserves that distinction for a whole host of reasons. But before I explain them, please enjoy Reflecting on 10 Years of FIRE.

This video, created by FIRE friend Andrew Marcus, highlights some of the best victories (and worst cases) from FIRE’s ten-year history. The reason it ranks first in my list is that it manages to cover famous cases ranging from the University of Delaware case to the IUPUI case in which a student was found guilty of racial harassment just for publicly reading a book, as well as cases from FIRE’s early days, including the case of Professor Hearlson following 9/11. The video also skillfully incorporates our interview with Dave Barry and half a dozen brief interviews with students and professors including KC Johnson, Chris Lee, Andre Massena, and our own Sean Clark. Each brief snippet introduces case after case of campus censorship.

I hope that next year we will be able to document on video even more of the terrible abuses of student and faculty rights that take place almost daily on college campuses (you can help us do that by donating to our video fellow matching fund!). I believe that showing the public the students and faculty members affected by these abuses and allowing them to hear about these abuses from the mouths of the individuals affected by them is a crucial first step to making sure such incidents do not happen in the future. Please help us spread our videos even further by sending them to your friends!