CVCC Student Conduct Policy

3.18 Student Conduct Policy
Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. The following conduct is considered inappropriate and may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from CVCC:

  1. Interruption or in any manner interfering with normal CVCC operations;
  2. Destruction, damage, or misuse of CVCC equipment, facilities, or property;
  3. Physical abuse of another person in the CVCC community;
  4. Theft of property belonging to another in the CVCC community;
  5. Participation in hazing;
  6. Plagiarism and other forms of academic cheating (see also the Academic Dishonesty Policy);
  7. Harassment, including harassment of a sexual nature and harassment of a student with disabilities;
  8. Violation of CVCC policies including those regarding the use and/or possession of firearms or other weapons, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or controlled substances, and tobacco products;
  9. Making a threat to the safety of the CVCC community; or
  10. Commission of any other offense which, in the opinion of the administration or faculty, may be contrary to the best interest of the CVCC community.

Disciplinary action may include the following: (1) warning, (2) probation, (3) suspension, or (4) expulsion. The Chief Student Services Officer may include campus service as a condition of probation provided that the service required is designed to educate and enlighten the student regarding the policy violated. A faculty member may impose disciplinary action on a student in his/her classes and on a student who is participating in school activities under his/her supervision. The disciplinary action imposed by a faculty member may include a warning, probation, or dismissal from the applicable class or activity. Only the President, Vice Presidents, and the Chief Student Services Officer have the authority to suspend a student from CVCC. Permanent expulsion of a student from CVCC must be authorized by the President.

Suspensions and expulsions for disciplinary reasons shall be recorded in the student’s permanent record (on the transcript).

Students are entitled to appeal any disciplinary action in accordance with CVCC’s student due process policy.

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