‘Daily, Systematic Deprivation of the Civil Liberties of Students and Professors’

June 9, 2005

This morning, FIRE friend Stanley Kurtz lauded David’s recent comments at AEI on National Review Online’s flagship blog, The Corner. They are already posted on our “In the News” page, but if you haven’t perused them, take Dr. Kurtz’s advice and surf on over! Here is my favorite part—I was in college until mere weeks ago and this really struck home:

Faced with clear evidence that colleges lack ideological diversity, many campus apologists say “So what?” At FIRE, which represents students in academic freedom battles, we face the question “so what?” every day. And I can assure you the problem of ideological uniformity on campus goes far beyond the fact that many red-state suburban kids now get their views attacked in the classroom. Ideological uniformity in higher education has led to daily, systematic deprivation of the civil liberties of students and professors.

As FIRE’s rock stars say all the time, there is nothing wrong with having your views challenged. It’s good for you. But having your rights denied, of course, is another matter entirely—and fighting censorship like that is an infinitely more worthy activity than trying to keep students from (gasp!) having their views challenged.