Daniel Chapman’s Email to Jason Schoenmeyer, Associate Director of Student Life, Saginaw Valley State University, August 29, 2012

From: “Daniel Chapman”
To: jsschoen@svsu.edu [Jason Schoenmeyer]
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 3:41:10 PM
Subject: meeting over posting policy


I’d like to meet with you later this week or next week concerning the posting policy. I’d like to discuss how the changes to the policy were created, the rationale for the policy, the constitutionality of the speech suppression provisions, and the possibility of changing the policies. The fliers I turned in to be posted today (10 printed “Fuck Censorship” fliers, 1 handwritten “stand up for free speech” flier) are protected under the first amendment (See Cohen V. California, 1971 supreme court case) and I look forward to seeing them posted around campus intermingled with the fliers and ideals of others. The suppression of speech and political expression has no place in a University forum and I will pursue any means available to me to have the materials in a variety of formats. I look forward to informing the Board of Control about the response I receive and the policy in general.

I’m available to meet between 11am and 2pm this Friday, and anytime after 12pm Saturday or Sunday. Next week I can meet anytime after 1pm on Monday or Wednesday.

This year the Student Association has made it it’s goal to get SVSU from red light status to green light status in the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) Speech Code Database. Among the various provisions which would need to be changed, most are located within the posting policy. Thus learning about the policy and working to restore it to constitutional status is of paramount concern to the Student Association, as well as me personally.  My posters are in no way associated with the Association and represent personal activism on my part. In the event my posters are denied I would like to speak to your immediate supervisor under the provisions of  the “Administrative Problems” section of the Student Handbook. If you could please provide the name of this individual in the event of a denial I would appreciate it.

-Daniel Chapman
Student Association Representative
Vice-President – Liberated Cardinals
Secretary-Work N’ Progress

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