DePaul University Policy Banning ‘Propaganda’

In his December 12, 2005, letter to FIRE, DePaul President Dennis Holtschneider stated the following:

If the College Republicans had invited a speaker who was objectionable to another group on campus, DePaul would have permitted posters advertising the event, but would not have permitted posters denouncing the College Republicans’ speaker. These posters are meant to inform the campus community of upcoming events. DePaul does not use this particular venue for the expression of political views of any stripe.

I personally would not have used the word “propaganda” to summarize this criteria, and the word is not part of any policy at DePaul.

The statement in bold is untrue.  As of December 16, 2005, DePaul’s “Flyer Posting Policy” contained the following provision:

  • We do not approve propaganda. Postings are intended to promote events either on or off campus.

A PDF of this webpage, created by FIRE on December 16, is below.  The official DePaul webpage can be found at and as of December 20, 2005, still contained the ban on “propaganda.”  It has since been removed.

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