Disciplinary Offenses

By August 28, 2013

II. Disciplinary Offenses


B. Individual or organizational misconduct which is subject to disciplinary sanction shall include but not be limited to the following examples:

1. Conduct dangerous to others. Any conduct which constitutes a serious danger to any person’s health, safety or personal well-being, including any physical abuse or immediate threat of abuse;

2. Hazing. Any act of hazing of any variety by an individual or group;

3. Disorderly conduct. Any individual or group behavior which is abusive, obscene, lewd, indecent, violent, excessively noisy, disorderly, or which unreasonably disturbs other groups or individuals;

4. Obstruction of or interference with institutional or school activities or facilities. Any intentional interference with or obstruction of any institutional or school activity, program, event, or facilities, including the following:


14. Unacceptable conduct in hearings. Any conduct at an institutional or school hearing involving contemptuous, disrespectful, or disorderly behavior, or the giving of false testimony or other evidence at any hearing;