Donate Today and Support FIRE’s Victories on Campus

December 22, 2014

FIRE has a lot to celebrate this holiday season. In 2014, we marked one of our most successful media years to date, we hosted our largest FIRE Student Network Conference ever, we recorded yet another decrease in the percentage of schools maintaining repressive speech codes, we launched a whole new look, we stood front and center in the midst of a busy “disinvitation season,” and much more. With each of these accomplishments, FIRE once again demonstrated our capacity to advance First Amendment principles and protect individual rights.

There is no clearer demonstration of that capacity than the victories we have secured. In 2014, FIRE successfully defended individual rights at schools such as the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the University of Notre Dame, Bergen Community College, the University of Oregon, and Loyola University Chicago and defeated speech codes at Arkansas State University, Virginia State University, and Western Kentucky University. We welcomed three new schools to our elite “green light” list, celebrated the passage of a new law eliminating “free speech zones” at Virginia’s public colleges and universities, and launched a new litigation program that promises to transform the fight for campus expression.

Just this year alone, FIRE secured defense victories, policy reforms, legislative changes, and court settlements affecting more than 1.25 million students. And as we celebrated our 15th anniversary, these achievements helped us mark another milestone. As a result of all of our work this year, FIRE now boasts over 300 victories on behalf of free expression and individual rights on campus.

None of these victories would have been possible without the generous support of our donors. As we move into a new year, and a new era in FIRE’s history, please consider supporting our work so that we can mark hundreds of new victories on behalf of students and professors nationwide. By donating today, you can ensure that FIRE will continue to have a real impact on campus.