Drexel Student Calls On Administration to Rescind Speech Codes

October 26, 2009

Drexel Student Liberty Front is an active libertarian student organization at Drexel University in Philadelphia. During the last week of September, the Student Liberty Front hosted three FIRE speakers for "Students Rights Week" and passed out FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus. The group continues to advocate for students’ rights. Last week, Student Liberty Front Vice President Stacy Litz published an op-ed in The Triangle, the Drexel student paper, which was critical of the university’s speech codes. In her column, she calls on the university to rescind its illiberal policies and join the eleven other colleges and universities in FIRE’s Spotlight database with a green-light rating. Stacy writes that "It’s time to show the world that Drexel is really ‘up and coming’ and that it is progressive in the sense that it protects students’ rights and allows them the freedom that they need to succeed as scholars."

Check out Drexel’s problematic policies here. We join Stacy in calling on Drexel to demonstrate its commitment to the free expression of its students by revising its illiberal policies. 

Schools:  Drexel University