E-mail Exchange Between Seminole Community College Administrator Gail Agor and Eliana Campos

> >>> From “Eliana Campos” <e-mail address redacted> 3/24/2005 6:08:46 PM
>Mrs. Agor
>Yesterday, March 23rd I came to your office with one of the counselors
>to ask you if I would be able to set up a table in the cafe. You asked
>me what organization and I told you PETA. Right away with no hesitation
>you laughed and said no. There were two other girls in there at that
>time and they began to laugh as well. You again laughed and stated that
>you lived or are from Norfolk, VA, then said no again to my request.
>My problem is not so much the fact that you said no, but that I feel
>you went about it the wrong way. At no time did you ask me what my
>literature would be about nor did you explain to me exactly why it was
>that I could not table in the first place. I did not ask you why
>because I felt embarrassed about how everyone in the room was laughing
>at me, as if what I was saying was a joke.
>I would like to know what the guidelines for tabling are, not what you
>interpret it as, but what the school requires. I do not want to table
>for PETA per say, I want to table about the brutality suffered by
>animals in slaughterhouses. My literature will be supplied by PETA.
>        Eliana Campos

From: “Gail Agor” <AgorG@scc-fl.edu>
To: Eliana Campos <e-mail address redacted>
Subject: Re: Quick Question
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:30:10 -0500

I would be glad to answer your question.  First of all, I can
understand your embarrassment, but I did not laugh, in fact, if I even
smiled, it was probably an attempt not to over-react to your
organization.  I too, abhor the abuse suffered by numerous animals,
whether it is at the hands of individuals who own or just “come across”
them or industries such as cosmetic companies like Loreal (whose
cosmetics I will not wear because of
abuses;) HOWEVER, PETA has a negative way of putting information out to
consumers and ends up, quite often, alienating those of us with similar
beliefs due to their marketing strategies.  I mentioned Norfolk, since
I am from there and when PETA first arrived, most of us in Hampton Roads
were happy to see them, my sister even paid money to PETA and had
bumper stickers on her car.  Very quickly the offensiveness of the PETA
campaign began to make headlines and most of us who first saw PETA as a
GOOD thing, began to be horrified, not only by the atrocities being
committed on animals, but the abrupt, defensive and OFFENSIVE way PETA
representatives were conducting themselves. In THEORY PETA has good
intents and ideas…it is STRATEGICALLY that I believe it to have a
difficulty.  Due to exceptional controversy, I still believe that the
PETA materials should not be allowed a table on campus.
I have attended Harbor Fest (again, Norflok,
VA) and seen individuals at the PETA table insulting and yelling at
festival goers who voiced a differing view.  I even saw one man and his
daughter accosted because they were eating a grilled sausage sandwich,
bought at a vendor.)  Eliana, maybe you wouldn’t insult or yell, but
PETA instills a feeling in me that I can’t, and won’t, take a chance on campus.

When we set up tables, it is in the area with the Little Bean and
students would be eating animal products in front of you…I feel this
is a set up for conflict.  We DO however, have an area where groups or
individuals can stand and talk or have speeches.  By law, every campus
must have an area like this.  Ours is in front of the Clock Tower, and
although you may not set up a table, you are welcome to stand and speak
freely on animal atrocities as you see them, or in accordance with PETA’s beliefs.

I hope this clarifies my decision yesterday.  I, in no way wished you
embarrassment, I just feel strongly about the negative effects that
PETA has created in my home town, and elsewhere, and do not desire the
controversy here on the Oviedo Campus.


Gail Agor
Student Activities/Career Resource Specialist Seminole Community
College Oviedo Campus

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