E-Mail from DePaul University to DePaul College Republicans, September 28, 2005

From: “Sambataro, Franco” <FSAMBATA@depaul.edu>

To: Nick Hahn [e-mail address redacted]

Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 1:19 PM

Subject: Flyers


After speaking to the Assistant Director and Director at this time we will not be approving your request.  It has come to our attention that the event you are inquiring about may or may not be happening.  We don’t want to post anything right now if the event will not go on.  We will keep them on file in case it does happen. Check back in a week, if at that time the event is happening we will approve 15 flyers for you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Franco Sambataro

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