E-mail from Mark Smith, Interim Vice President of Educational Services and Chief Academic Officer to Student Misti Kennair

Thank you for your email Misti. I appreciate your addressing your concerns so I can better understand all perspectives for given situations so the best possible decision can be made. I do understand and have considered your points below, but Temple College as a public institution cannot be represented as showing preference toward any religious philosophy/perspective or toward the opposite, being atheism. The same practice goes for politics. The decision to have the quote removed was that the quote can be considered very controversial and offensive to others. In fact, other people have already expressed that the wording is offensive!

A faculty member does have the academic freedom discuss such topics in class when the discussion topic is appropriately a part of the course material being discussed. (i.e., teaching a class on moral philosophies.) I hope this helps you better understand the reasoning behind this decision. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or require assistance. Have a great day!


Kind Regards,



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