E-Mail From Michigan State University Inspector Kelly Beck to YAF, March 7, 2007

Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 13:12:59 -0500
From: “Beck, Kelly” [E-mail address redacted]
To: [E-mail address redacted]
Subject: YAF event on March 22
I spoke with you a couple of weeks ago about staffing for the YAF event on March 22.  If you recall, due to the previous problems you explained to me in our conversation, I recommended staffing the event with an officer the entire event rather than staffing it with greencoats and having an officer stopping by periodically.  Unfortunately, this would incur an expense to your group for the officer there on overtime.  As of our last conversation, you had declined this plan of action.
Anticipating and planning for potential problems is essential in creating an environment in which student organizations can have successful and safe events.  In the past, there have been events in which the security need was not adequately met due to groups not wanting to spend the extra funds on having police presence for their entire event and their attempt to “police” their peers was unsuccessful.  This has led to pulling additional police personnel from their patrol duties and thus creating a shortage of manpower to respond to emergencies in the community.  Those groups were subsequently charged for the additional manpower necessary to bring their special event under control.  Please consider this as you prepare for your upcoming event.
If you would like to modify your current security accommodations, please contact me at the number listed below.
Thank you,
Kelly Beck
MSU Police

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