E-Mail from Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon

From: PresMail [mailto:presmail@pres.msu.edu]
Monday, December 08, 2008 4:19 PM
RE: FIRE News: Michigan State University Student Faces
Suspension for ‘Spam’ after E-Mailing Professors


Because this is a student disciplinary matter, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) precludes Michigan State University from commenting on the specifics of this case.

MSU strongly believes that the rights guaranteed in the First and Fourteenth amendments of the Constitution must be protected. Indeed, the university has a long history of protecting these rights of its community members.

To view all of the university policies that govern computing at MSU, including the guidelines governing bulk e-mailing, please visit the Web at http://lct.msu.edu/guidelines-policies/.

It is clear that this policy is content neutral and is a set of procedural requirements that apply to all bulk use of the e-mail system, as opposed to a policy that makes distinctions based on the content of particular emails. It is our belief that such a policy does not impose unlawful restrictions on free speech.

To view the statement on free speech rights and responsibilities, visit the Web at http://president.msu.edu/dissent_vs_disruption.php?statement_free.


Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph.D.



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