E-mail from MOSAIC Student Group to UWEC Faculty Regarding ‘Vagina Warriors’

From: Mosaic

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 3:25 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Please foward to your faculty

Attention Department Chairs:

Please forward the following e-mail to your faculty/staff. MOSAIC (Making Our School an Intercultural Community) is putting on a production of The Vagina Monologues, which is a play that is part of a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. Thank you for your time.


The purpose of this email is to encourage the UWEC faculty/staff  to partake in the upcoming production of The Vagina Monologues.  The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler about women’s issues with the purpose of empowering women and raising awareness about ending violence against women.  Each year Making Our School an Intercultural Community (MOSAIC), a UWEC organization, puts on the play to raise money to stop violence against women.  This year 90% of the proceeds from the events occurring before and during the play as well as the play itself are going to the Bolton Refuge House.

The Bolton Refuge House operates in the city of Eau Claire, and serves victims of domestic violence, and sexual assault.  The agency strives to provide victims with safe and empowering services in an attempt to reduce the chances of them and their children from being harmed.  The final 10% of the proceeds from the production will go to the global campaign called “Justice to Comfort Women.”  The “comfort women” are Japanese women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military between 1932 and 1945.  This campaign is aiding the effort of these women who are seeking a formal apology and compensation from the Japanese government.

Many people are working very hard to recognize and end violence against women in our community and all around the world.  Knowledge is a major tool in this process.  In order to understand a problem, it must be spoken about.  This is what The Vagina Monologues strive to do.  I am writing this email on behalf of MOSAIC urging you to take part in this production.  In the past we have not had very many staff of the university in the production and we would like that to change this year.  We believe that strong female role models who are visibly talking about what they believe can help motivate people to change.

Auditions are restricted to women who attend or work on campus. Auditions for this production are going to be held Tuesday and Wednesday, January 31st and February 1st from 7-10 in the Tower’s Basement.   However, exceptions to tryouts can be made for those interested in acting in the play. If you decide not to have a speaking part in this production, we urge you to promote this movement in your classes and your community.

Attached is a form to nominate Vagina Warriors.  A Vagina Warrior is any person you believe deserves recognition for their achievements, vision and commitment to ending violence against women.  We ask that you nominate any people you think have made a stand to end violence against women in our community and our world. Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions please contact any of the email addresses below.



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