E-mail from National Christian Legal Society to Cari Rincker, November 20, 2006

From: David Nammo [E-mail address redacted]

Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 10:11 AM

To: ‘Cari B. Rincker’

Cc: [E-mail addresses redacted]

Subject: RE: CLS

Thank you for keeping us in the loop.
CLS is involved in litigations and possible litigations across the country about our ability to keep our Christian character as an association.  The things we insist on keeping are: our statement of faith and the ability to restrict membership to that statement of faith and levels of conduct for officers – essentially the right to discriminate based on religion.  If you had been approved under those bylaws, I would have had to ask that you not use the name “Christian Legal Society” as your group name as I would have never approved them and we would have been in danger of having them produced in litigation.
However, the most amazing thing about your case is that they still rejected you, as you point out below.  The thing we have been saying all along is that this is a spiritual war – to remove Jesus Christ in any true manner from the law schools.  The rejection of your group just proves that this is not ultimately a “constitutional” or “private school matter,” but a spiritual matter.  The other side was emboldened enough to show its hand, whether on purpose or by mistake, that this is their goal for the future of our country – the eradication of Jesus Christ and His followers – period.
You know that you don’t have any constitutional basis for any appeal, and we actually approve of their right to discriminate as a private school, as we want Wheaton, Messiah and other Christian schools to be able to discriminate for hiring faculty and others.
I pray that you find some Christian fellowship at your school.  Additionally, I hope you are able to make it to the Northeast Law Student Retreat, where you can spend some time with other great Christian law students facing the same issues up and down the coast.  Look for an announcement this week.
In Christ,

David Nammo, Esq.

Director, Attorney & Law Student Ministries

Christian Legal Society

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