E-mail from NYU Director of Student Activities Robert Butler to NYU Students, March 27, 2006

From: Robert Butler [mailto:bob.butler@nyu.edu]

Sent: Monday, March 27, 2006 4:16 PM

To: Kara Elizabeth Zavarella; Stephan D. Walker

Cc: Angela Dixon; Pamela H Bolen; Evelyn M. De Leon; Lori Moore

Subject: Objectivist/March 29, 2006

Kara Zavarella

President – Objectivist Club at NYU

Stephan Walker

Vice President – Objectivist Club at NYU

Dear Kara and Stephan,

I am writing to request that the three of us meet sometime on Tuesday, March 28th before 2pm to go over the format for the evening of March 29th. If that isn’t good, please suggest other times.

When we meet please provide the names and NYU Net ID numbers of the NYU students who will be assisting with the event so we can prepare the official ID badges. Once we have that list, no additional students may be added. I will also need the name of the individual from New York Press who is planning to be on the panel so that we can prepare the badges for all of the program participants. The participant list is now closed and no additional speakers may be added.

As I have stated before, security and safety are always a concern when a controversial program is held on campus. After consulting with Jules Martin (VP for Public Safety) and Pamela Bolen (Kimmel Operations) regarding the campus climate and controversy surrounding the cartoons we are going to require that this event be open only to members of the NYU community. This event is to be close to all non-NYU guests including any non-NYU guests who have already made a reservations with you. Stephan had reported to us in the security meeting last week that there were only about 75 non-NYU people who had asked to attend so you’ll need to contact them and let them know that the event is no longer open to non-NYU guests so they should not plan on attending. Only members of the NYU community holding a valid NYU photo ID card will be allowed to enter the event. Please add this info to any future advertising and if possible remove the info on your web site. This is not negotiable.

You might want to let your club’s members know that they will need to bring their NYU ID to get into the event. That includes students working the event.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Robert Butler

Director of Student Activities

New York University

Kimmel Center for University Life

60 Washington Square South, Suite 704

NY NY 10012


212-995-4116 (fax)



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