E-mail from OCRL Director Janet Cooper Nelson to Group President Ethan Wingfield, September 13, 2006

From: Janet Cooper Nelson
Sent: 9/13/2006 09:02 AM
To: Ethan Wingfield [e-mail address redacted]
Cc: [e-mail addresses redacted]
Subject: suspension of campus recognition for Reformed University Fellowship

Dear Ethan,

I write to inform you in your leadership capacity that we are enacting a formal suspension for the academic year 2006-07 of the recognition granted to the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) by the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life to function on the Brown University campus.

A careful and extended consideration took place yesterday, September 12, 2006, between the Reverend David Sherwood, Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church of Benefit Street, the local sponsoring body for the Reformed University Fellowship, and Reverend Dr. Allen Callahan, Associate University Chaplain for the Protestant Community.

As a result Trinity Presbyterian Church has withdrawn its sponsorship of RUF, effective immediately, for the 2006-2007 academic year. I am enacting the recommendation to me as Chaplain of the University that Brown also suspend RUF’s recognition for the 2006-07 academic year effective immediately for reasons of non-compliance with University policy and procedure as outlined in The Standards and Conditions Governing the Appointment of Religious Life Affiliates and their Sponsoring Religious Agencies at Brown University.

I share the hope that Reverend Sherwood and Associate Chaplain Callahan also agreed upon, that Trinity Presbyterian Church and the Office of The Chaplains and Religious Life both look forward to
discussing the re-establishment of RUF’s presence on the Brown campus in the academic year 2007-2008.

The Reverend Janet Cooper Nelson
Chaplain of the University and Director of the Office of the
Chaplains and Religious Life

cc. The Reverend David Sherwood, Trinity Presbyterian Church
The Reverend Dr. Allen Callahan, Associate Chaplain
Russell Carey, Vice President for Campus Life
Margaret Klawunn, Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Ricky Gresh, Director of Student Activities
John Gillis, President, UCS


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