E-mail from Pace Law School Dean for Students Angela D’Agostino to Cari Rincker, January 9, 2007

From: Ms. Angie D’Agostino [E-mail address redacted]

Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 4:59 PM

To: Rincker, Cari

Cc: Ms. Quintilia Luna; Ms. Antoinette D’Orazio; Ms. Ethel K. Longworth Lovett

Subject: RE: room on Jan. 17th

The Dean is scheduled to meet with students on January 17th from 4-5:00 p.m. in order that he may hear the concerns expressed by the group of students who attended the meeting we had in December.  He is interested in hearing everyone’s position on this issue.  I expect once that is done we will meet and a final decision will be rendered regarding CLSA.  Since CLSA does not have official recognition at this point we cannot “officially” book rooms for meetings.  The university has indicated that in all cases where students wish to start new clubs or organizations interest meeting to form the constitution, membership lists etc can be help on the campus.  At this point CLSA is beyond that point awaiting official recognition.  If you would like to meet after the meeting please do so but I cannot, in deference to the university policy reserve space until a final decision is made.  I have included the university rule below.
Areas such as the student lounge, the student annex, cafeteria are all available as public space which does not require a room reservation.
. . . Pace does not require any of its students who may have a common interest to form a recognized student organization.  Neither does it have any policy or procedure that would bar several students from discussing their common interests or otherwise associating with each other in areas set aside for that purpose (e.g., cafeterias, student lounges, common hallways, etc.) at times when those facilities are open and not in use for special events.
However, as set forth in the enclosed General Requirements for Student Clubs and Organizations . . .:
Student clubs and organizations must maintain official recognition by the University in order to be eligible for the services and funding offered by the Center for Student Development & Campus Activities (SDACA).  To be eligible for student activities fee funds (SAF), the constitutions of clubs organizations must be approved by the Student Government Association (SGA).  All recognized student organizations are expected to operate within the Pace University policies and procedures.
Services offered by Pace to officially recognized student organizations, include a license to use Pace University’s name to publicly identify their organization and the ability to obtain permission to reserve and use University space for meetings and events and to post and distribute meeting and event notices  and organization informational materials on Pace’s premises and on Pace provided web pages.
The only way that Pace students may reserve University space for a meeting or event (and therefore publicly announce that they are conducting a “Pace” organization meeting or event in a Pace space) is under the sponsorship of a recognized student organization or a University academic or administrative department.  Individual students or unrecognized groups of students may not do so.
I look forward to moving on this issue next week.  Thank you for your patience.
Dean D’Agostino

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