E-mail from Professor Paula Groves Price to Ed Swan, October 12, 2004

From: “Paula Groves”
To: Ed Swan
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 6:29 PM
Subject: Questions

Hi Ed,

I was just thinking about the question that you just asked me about the pedagogy assessment. For what you are doing for my class, I would like for you to write what you really feel–save the “performance” for the “real” one. Also, I do very much recognize that there is a very strong “liberal bias” in our program (and also my class). I hope that you feel comfortable in class and feel that your opinions are welcomed and important to enriching the conversations in class. I sincerely hope that I have not made you feel silenced in any way. I really do enjoy having you in class and also reading your papers.


Paula Groves Price, PhD
Assistant Professor
Washington State University
Department of Teaching and Learning

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