E-mail from Student Misti Kennair to Mark Smith, Interim Vice President of Educational Services and Chief Academic Officer

Dear Mr. Smith,

It has recently come to my attention that an English instructor was forced to remove a Nietzche quote posted on an office  door. As a student, I find this extremely offensive. I am an agnostic and I am inundated daily with biblical quotes posted all over this school. Why is it that when a quote that contradicts the beliefs of the admistration of Temple College is posted, it is forcibly removed? Are the Christians on campus that insecure in their religious beliefs? Although the majority of people on campus are Christian, it is not the only religion present on this campus. If this quote is removed by this administration, then I propose all quotes promoting Chrisitanity on campus also be forcibly removed. I do not personally believe that “with God all things are possible.” On the contrary, I believe God is indeed dead, or she may have never existed at all. While all the biblical quotes are stated in plain English, the quote in question is in a foreign language that most people on campus cannot read or speak. I am hoping that your concern for offending Christian students on campus will translate into concern for all religious beliefs present, and you will prove that diversity is alive and well at Temple College.

Misti Kennair


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