E-mail from Trinity Presbyterian Church Senior Pastor David Sherwood to OCRL Director Janet Cooper Nelson, September 13, 2006

From: David Sherwood
Sent: 9/13/2006 9:25 AM
To: Cooper Nelson, Janet
Cc: [e-mail addresses redacted]
Subject: Re: suspension of campus recognition for Reformed University Fellowship

Dear Rev. Cooper-Nelson,

Perhaps there will be an opportunity for more extended discussion in the not-too distant future….and indeed I look forward to meeting you personally. But I did want to provide one quick correction. Trinity Presbyterian Church has not, in any sense, withdrawn its sponsorship of RUF. In fact, the governing body of the church has not taken any action of any kind with respect to RUF. Instead, we simply received notification from Rev. Callahan, via my conversation with him, that RUF’s RLA application would not be approved this year. I might add this was with the explicit understanding that, while RUF would not have a standing with OCRL, it would continue as a recognized student organization….this point was mentioned/assumed quite a few times during the course of our conversation.

Let me say how much I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Rev. Callahan. My hope, after our time together, was that it was a first step toward warmer and more cordial relations and interactions between all concerned.


The Rev. David A. Sherwood
Senior Pastor
Trinity Presbyterian Church

cc: The Rev. Rod Mays, RUF National Coordinator

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