E-mail from UCLA Dean Linda Rosenstock to Associate Resident Professor James E. Enstrom, April 1, 2004

From: “Rosenstock, Linda”
Sender: “Benson, Regina”
To: “Enstrom, James (BOL)”
Cc: “Peccei, Roberto” ,
“Roshan Bastani (E-mail)” ,
“Kathleen Kiser (E-mail)” kkiser@ph.ucla.edu
Subject: Grant Funding
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 12:12:15 -0800

April 1, 2004

James E. Enstrom, Assoc Resident Professor, Public Health

Dear Jim,

I recently had the opportunity to review correspondence between you and Vice Chancellor Peccei (your letter dated February 5,2004). While I disagree with many of your statements, I was concerned to learn about the status of renewing your grant earlier in this academic year. [REDACTED] I agree that as a faculty member in good standing you should be allowed to submit a grant that would otherwise be permitted under campus and school guidelines. Accordingly, the Dean’s office is committed to working with you to enable this funding. We will also support your applying grant funds retroactively to make up for any shortfall in salary. [REDACTED]

In the meanwhile, as I know you are aware, I and Associate Dean Kominski have tried to assist in your finding a departmental home. Unfortunately, none of the three departments with whom we consulted were supportive of moving forward. Should you remain interested in continuing a UCLA appointment, I wish you success in looking for another departmental home outside the School. Should that occur, your grant funds can be transferred without interruption. As for all other grants, should your faculty appointment not be renewed, then unexpended grant funds would need to be handled according to university guidelines, often but not always resulting in unexpended funds returning to the granting agency.

Sincerely yours,

Linda Rosenstock, MD, MPH
Email: lindarosenstock@ph.ucla.edu


Cc:       Roberto Peccei, Vice Chancellor

Roshan Bastani, Associate Dean for Research

Kathleen Kiser, Associate Dean for Administration


[Redacted information pertains to private information.]

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