E-mail from Washington Assistant Attorney General Alan Smith to FIRE, September 8, 2006

From: Smith, Alan (ATG)

Sent: Friday, September 08, 2006 4:13 PM

To: fire@thefire.org

Cc: Floten, Jean

Subject: Peter Ratener

Robert L. Shipley

Vice President of Operations

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

601 Walnut St., Suite 510

Philadelphia, PA 19106

RE:     Peter Ratener / Bellevue Community College
Dear Mr. Shipley:
        I am an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington representing Bellevue Community College.  Your letter of August 28, 2006, to President Jean Floten regarding Professor Peter Ratener has been forwarded to me for review and a response.
        The College appreciates your organization’s interest in this matter, but on my advice will decline for the time being to comment further.  Please be advised, however, that no final disciplinary action has been taken.  Professor Ratener has exercised his rights under the grievance procedures of the faculty contract, and the parties (the College, Professor Ratener, and the faculty union) have mutually agreed to stay those proceedings for the purpose of engaging in mediation.
        It would be not be appropriate for me to say anything further at this time given the interest of the parties in exploring a mutually acceptable resolution of this matter.

Assistant Attorney General

Education Division

900 Fourth Avenue #2000

Seattle, WA 98164-1012

206-389-2099 / FAX 389-2544


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