E-mail from YAF President Dennis Lennox II to Director of Student Life Thomas Idema, Jr., February 20, 2007

From: Dennis-George Lennox II [E-mail address redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 11:16 AM
To: Idema Jr, Thomas H
Subject: Question – Urgent

Hi Tom –

Our organization has a serious situation.

There are a few students on campus that belong to the Gay-Straight Alliance and a couple other liberal/left-wing RSOs who have been trying to join our organization, a conservative group, with the sole purpose of disrupting our meetings and possibly joining to impeach us, take over Young Americans for Freedom and dissolve the CMU chapter. (They have said just as much on a Facebook group that targets us specifically.)

YAF has membership dues and other requirements for joining, but we don’t know how far we can go in preventing someone who does not agree with our purpose from joining and ruining the chapter.

How far can we go in restricting membership without violating the non-discrimination clause?

Our lawyer has advised us the Supreme Court has upheld our rights and the rights of other private organizations to determine membership eligibility, and we cannot be forced to= accept someone who disagrees with us or our stated purpose – just as a Christian group, which can’t be required to accept a Muslim or a homosexual.

Could you please clarify the university’s policy? We have a meeting this evening at 8 p.m.



Dennis Lennox II

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