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As I shared with you before… I’m very familiar with Greek life and with the functioning of nationally recognized Fraternities and Sororities on college campuses.  However, in the memo from President Nadauld (that I gave you previously), it seems this is going to be a tough sale in garnering administrative support here at Dixie — at least for a few years.

Since the late 80’s and early 90’s Dixie has fought a “party school” image and the institution has made it very clear that they do NOT want to have any tie to events and programs that would promote or encourage such an image.  In the few meetings I’ve been a part of since arriving here, the “party school image” seems to be the obstacle that most administrators struggle with.

Although I know and appreciate the many good things that Greeks can do on college campuses and can appreciate their philanthropic commitment, I also know that nationwide there is a negative stigma attached to Greek Life.  With several negative incidents at Utah State in recent years (related to Greek Life) it will be tough to move this issue forward at Dixie.

Have you spoken with President Nadauld about this issue at all?  What were his views on the subject?

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I met with you back in November about the possibility of a sorority. Since that time, dixie has become a university . I know things are changing because of that. What do can I do to make this happen? I know there are girls that want to be part of a sorority as well. .I’ve. Spoken to numerous people about their interest, and Eli Baird has also been giving me advice . The last time we talked in november, you said you’re all for Greek life. Now that Dixie is a university I think that the opportunity to have Greek life on campus is that much more of a credible Idea. Please help me to make this vision that I’ve had , and have been working on for months , a reality for myself, and other students.

Thank you,

Indigo klabanoff

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