Email Discussion Between Dixie State University Director of Student Involvement & Leadership Jordon Sharp and Indigo Klabanoff

From: “Sharp, Jordon” <>
To: Miss Indigo Klabanoff [REDACTED]
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 5:44 PM
Subject: RE: Club with Greek letters on campus
Hello again.  We will change the date on the bylaw revision, that was an oversight; we did just add the new clarification this week due to this particular charter request.  Having this discussion with you has been beneficial because we have been able to clarify Dixie’s position on Greeks.  They have not been allowed on campus, but you are correct in the fact that there was no clear policy in the past, so we created one. The administration has made it absolutely clear that they are not going to allow sororities and fraternities at this time, and the club council is in agreement.  Therefore, to alleviate any confusion moving forward, we laid out the Greek policy in the club bylaws, the club council voted on it this week, and it is now in the bylaws.  You were asking for a clear policy and so we made it official, and I hope it is helpful.  There may be some revisions before school but the basic content and idea will remain the same.  This is not to say that some future president will not have a different stance on Greek Life, but Indigo you must know that President Naudald is clear on his position and so are we.  He is not going to allow it, nor does the club council have a desire at this time to pursue the admittance of Greeks to our campus.  I can see that you are passionate about this, and that is SOOO awesome!!!!  We need more people just like you in our clubs and organizations, and I hope this does not deter you from joining or creating a club at Dixie.  However, you have met with the Dean of Students several times, with me through email and telephone numerous times, and with the president himself; so Indigo I am going to be frank with you at this time.  Understand there is no law that states a university must have fraternities and sororities.  The Dixie President is hired by the Governor of the State of Utah and he or she can decide if it is within the mission of the institution to sanction Greeks.  There is no loop hole to find here, there is no way to slide this under the radar.  Our administration will not allow them, and frankly there doesn’t even need to be a written policy, although we have created one for future clarification.  Any and everything you want to accomplish with a sorority we can do with a club on campus.  Please understand that your club request will be denied as it currently stands, ZERO EXCEPTIONS.  Come talk to us and we will assist you in forming a similar club that will produce similar outcomes as the sorority.  Like I mentioned yesterday you are more than welcome to call me anytime if you would like to discuss chartering a club at Dixie.
Thanks and take care,
From: Miss Indigo Klabanoff [REDACTED]
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 4:29 PM
To: Sharp, Jordon
Subject: Re: Club with Greek letters on campus


When I went the website yesterday, I bookmarked the ICC bylaws, which was this link: However, the link that you sent, which is also onthe website today, has an older date. My link said the document was updated in October 2012. your link said they were last updated in April 2012. What’s going on? what’s the difference in the links? AND , where did the link go that I had (and still have) ?


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