Email from ECU SGA Treasurer Justin Davis to David Ernest Price, March 23, 2011

Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 4:21 PM
To: Price, David Ernest
Cc: Demar, Tracy Parrish
Subject: Funding Recommendation/Justification


My name is Justin Davis and I am the current Student Body Treasurer.  I just wanted to take the time to send you the Appropriation Committee’s Recommendation for your organizations most recent request.  I will provide that recommendation below:

Young Americans for Liberty (Hemp Fest)

Date of event:                      April 20, 2011

Total requested:                  $735.00

Total recommended:         $210.00

Although the entirety of the request fell within Tier 1 of the total funding guideline, the nature of the event is combustible insofar as the Student Government Association’s reputation is concerned.  Appropriations will not risk tarnishing SGA by funding the portion of the request determined necessary for the purchase of hemp products; purchasing these with Appropriations-recommended dollars is hereby expressly prohibited.  However, SGA staunchly supports the First Amendment rights of the student body, this organization included; therefore, promotional materials, the parade permit, and tee-shirts for the supposed ten volunteers are recommended for funding.  (Tee-shirts for giveaways are not permissible for funding as per Appropriations guidelines.)

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you with anything in the future.


Justin Davis

*Please note that this is only a recommendation from the Student Appropriations Committee.   Funds will not be made available for use until proper University Officials have approved this recommendation.  If you have any questions regarding the availability of funds for this request, please contact Tracy Demar(

M. Justin Davis

Student Body Treasurer
East Carolina University
SGA Suite/101 Mendenhall Student Center
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
252-ECU-4742 office

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DISCLAIMER:  Please note that the Treasurer does not have authority to enter into agreements/contracts (whether written or verbal) on behalf of East Carolina University (ECU).  Any proposed agreement with ECU is subject to an internal review process and may only be approved by an authorized university official. 

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