Email from Patricia Gordon to Chris McMillon, February 26, 2012

From: Gordon, Patricia <>
Date: Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 11:21 AM
Subject: College’s Position on Funding Political Organizations
To: “Christopher McMillon”

Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, the college is unable to fund any student organizations with a political agenda.  We have neverfunded travel for officers/members of our Virginia21 Chapter, even though they are lobbying for or againstlegislation that would benefit college students in Virginia.

I have spoken with our college’s legal counsel and he referred me to the VCCS and College’s statement on this,which I also passed along to Tank McCarl, over at the Woodbridge Campus.   Hussein Alqaisi mentioned to methat you had already discussed your request for travel funds with him, so I also forwarded this information to him. I’m sorry that we aren’t able to provide some funding support for you.

“Administrative Services Procedures Manual”.
Section 30.0.1
30.0.1 Policy

The State Board for Community Colleges encourages the development of a studentactivities program designed to promote educational and cultural experiences. Activitiesrecognized groups such as fraternities, sororities, student publications, and sports clubs that do notrestrict participation based on age, race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, or disabilities.The VCCS does not authorize or recognize private clubs, private associations, socialfraternities, or social sororities; nor do VCCS colleges provide funding for student clubsor organizations with a political or religious affiliation.

Schools: Northern Virginia Community College Cases: Northern Virginia Community College: Discrimination Against Political and Religious Student Groups