Campus Free Speech Statutes

Enacted Campus Free Speech Statutes – Oklahoma

In 2019, Oklahoma enacted SB 361, now Okla. Stat. Ann. tit. 70, § 2120.

SB 361 Summary

SB 361 is a campus free speech bill that prohibits institutions from quarantining student speech to misleadingly labeled“free speech zones,” and adopts the United States Supreme Court definition of harassment.

Key Provisions

  • Defines student-on-student harassment consistent with the United States Supreme Court standard in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education
  • Declares that the outdoor areas of campuses are public forums and prevents institutions from creating “free speech zones”; 
  • Requires institutions to inform students of free speech regulations and expectations during orientation programs; 
  • Mandates colleges and universities publish a report to the governor and legislature describing any barriers to or incidents of disruption of free expression occurring on campus; and
  • Provides a cause of action for students and student organizations if rights provided by the bill are violated by an employee of a public college or university.

FIRE Commentary

Oklahoma is the latest state victory against campus speech codes