examples: nonverbal

August 28, 2013

The following list of examples of conduct prohibited by this policy statement is intended to aid in the understanding of this area. Conduct prohibited by this policy statement may include, but is not limited to:

Displaying sexually demeaning or offensive objects and pictures. Nude or semi-nude photographs and drawings, or computer software is very likely to be viewed as sexual harassment.

Staring repeatedly at someone, blocking another person’s path or otherwise restricting their movements. Such acts, particularly when in conjunction with other acts or comments, may be viewed as sexual harassment. Invading a person’s personal body space, such as by standing closer than appropriate or necessary for the work being done may similarly constitute sexual harassment.

Bringing physical items to work which express sexually offensive comments regarding men or women. Messages of this nature such as might be contained on coffee mugs, hats, or tee shirts may be offensive and be viewed as sexual harassment.

Making sexual gestures with hands or body movements. Looking a person up and down in a suggestive or intimidating manner may also constitute sexual

Letters, gifts, or materials of a sexual nature. Such attention may not be appreciated in the manner intended, may be offensive to the subject of the attention, and may constitute sexual harassment.