examples: verbal

August 28, 2013

The following list of examples of conduct prohibited by this policy statement is intended to aid in the understanding of this area. Conduct prohibited by this policy statement may include, but is not limited to:

Unwelcome sexual flirtation, advances or propositions for sexual activity.
Asking about someone else’s personal social or sexual life or about their sexual fantasies, preferences, or history may constitute sexual harassment. Discussing your own personal sexual fantasies, preferences, or history or repeatedly asking for a date from a person who is not interested may also constitute sexual harassment. Continued or repeated verbal abuse of a sexual nature. Suggestive comments and sexually explicit jokes, or turning discussions at work or in the academic classroom to sexual topics may constitute sexual harassment. Making offensive sounds such as smacking or licking lips, making kissing sounds, or “wolf whistles” may constitute sexual harassment. Sexually offensive or degrading language used to describe an individual or remarks of a sexual nature to describe a person’s body or clothing. Calling a person a “hunk,” “doll,” “babe,” “sugar,” or “honey,” or similar descriptive terms may constitute sexual harassment if the person being so described is offended by such terms or if others hearing the references are offended.