Exciting Job Opportunity: FIRE Offers First Video Fellowship

January 27, 2010

Thanks to our donors, FIRE has fulfilled a generous $25,000 matching grant from Raymie Stata and Kimberly Sweidy and is now able to hire FIRE’s very first Sweidy Stata Video Fellow. We are seeking one energetic full-time employee to play an integral role in forwarding FIRE’s mission using the canvas of video and the paintbrush of cutting edge technology. The Sweidy Stata Video Fellow will be charged with the duty to create several different, high quality documentary-style films about FIRE’s cases and mission and will play a key role in FIRE’s outreach and publicity efforts. To accomplish the task of making dynamic and gripping video content for both online and traditional distribution, the Sweidy Stata Video Fellow will have to work with a broad cross-section of FIRE’s staff who work on many varying programs. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to expand their documentary portfolio and get involved with important issues effecting our country’s colleges and universities. For a full description of what the job will entail, visit FIRE’s job page.