Eyes on Marquette University as Faculty Blogger Suspended

December 18, 2014

In recent weeks, FIRE has written about a controversy at Marquette University brought to light by political science professor John McAdams, in which an instructor informed a student that expressing opposition to same-sex marriage was not appropriate for a classroom setting. We expressed our concerns in a pair of Torch entries.

This week, FIRE and others have learned that McAdams has been suspended from teaching and banned from the Marquette campus while he is under investigation. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is among the outlets that have reported this development, and law professor Eugene Volokh has offered his preliminary impressions of the case as well. Volokh also posts the text of McAdams’s suspension letter, and while the letter is light on specifics, it suggests Marquette may be investigating him for possible violations of its harassment policy relating to his earlier writings.

FIRE is in touch with McAdams, and we’re closely monitoring the situation at Marquette. We will provide further updates to Torch readers as the situation develops.

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