February Student Spotlight: Danielle Susi & ‘The Quad News’ Staff

February 2, 2013


FIRE’s Student Spotlight feature recognizes students who are doing outstanding work to promote individual rights on their campuses. In honor of Free Press Week, we have a special Student Spotlight for February: Danielle Susi, the Senior Managing Editor of The Quad News at Quinnipiac University.

Back in 2008, students working for the Quinnipiac campus newspaper, The Quinnipiac Chronicle, were frustrated by QU administrators’ efforts to muzzle the paper, including an absurd demand from President John Lahey that the paper not publish articles online before they were in print. In the face of these threats to a free press, the student editors decided to form a new, independent student news source online: The Quad News. Almost five years later, the website is still publishing campus news daily.

As The Quad News celebrates five years on campus, I asked Danielle to talk about her experience as a student journalist and tell me what advice The Quad News staff has for other students who want to stand up for press rights on campus. You can read her full interview on the Student Spotlight page.

Congratulations to Danielle and The Quad News staff! Check back on The Torch next month to hear about more students who are successfully challenging the culture of campus censorship.