FIRE Board of Advisors Member Blasts University of Delaware

April 9, 2008

FIRE Board of Advisors member Candace de Russy wrote a scathing piece for Pajamas Media today on FIRE’s case at the University of Delaware. She notes that instead of doing away with the dreadful Residence Life program altogether, the university simply prescribed superficial reform and allowed the Residence Life staffbewilderingly, still employedto carry on as before. President Patrick Harker “passed the buck” on the issue to the faculty, which in turn left the Residence Life office intact and in charge of the new program. If only they had followed the advice of FIRE, the National Association of Scholars, and the public, freedom of conscience would still be protected at the University of Delaware. De Russy writes:

U.D. President Harker got it right when he decreed with false promise as it turned out that the campus’s repressive dorm program had to “be stopped immediately.” Shame on him, and all other university administrators, trustees and professors who cower before despotic campus “change agents” intent on upending American society. Shame on them all for flagrantly violating the public trust.

Schools:  University of Delaware

Cases:  University of Delaware: Students Required to Undergo Ideological Reeducation