FIRE Celebrates 125th Victory

May 1, 2008

Today we announced our victory for freedom of expression at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. This marks our momentous 125th public victory! So, we decided to take this time to share some numbers about FIRE’s achievements with you.

Over the past eight years, FIRE has won 125 public victories at more than 100 colleges and universities whose total enrollment exceeds 2.2 million students. FIRE is directly responsible for changing unconstitutional or repressive policies affecting more than 1.3 million students at more than 50 of these universities.

It may be obvious, but it’s still truenot one of these victories would have been possible without the support of our generous donors. In celebration of this landmark achievement, we are giving away FIRE mugs to anyone who donates $125 in May! You can make an online donation today or go here to learn about the many different ways to donate to FIRE.

Thank you all for your support and for spreading the word about protecting liberty on campus. After all, as FIRE co-founder and Chairman Emeritus Alan Charles Kors famously said, "A nation that does not educate in liberty will not long preserve it and will not even know when it is lost."