FIRE Faculty Conference convenes today in Chicago!

October 11, 2018

FIRE’s second annual faculty conference kicks off this evening in downtown Chicago. We’re excited to have faculty from across the country gather for three days to discuss core issues related to academic freedom, faculty rights, and free expression on campus.

Geoffrey Stone, the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, will deliver the keynote address at the conference. Papers will be presented on a range of topics, including:

  • Challenges to teaching and researching highly controversial topics;
  • The impact grants and donations from outside foundations may have on academic freedom;
  • Whether speech on campus should be regulated more than speech in the public sphere;
  • The effect of partisan narratives surrounding free speech debates on campus;
  • Whether “no-platforming” speakers on campus can be consistent with political liberalism and academic freedom;
  • The chilling effect of performance-based university funding on academic freedom; and
  • Strategies for activism and how faculty can be better equipped to defend free speech and faculty rights in today’s academic climate.

We’ll share highlights from the conference on social media, so stay tuned to FIRE’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts! You’ll also be able to read all the conference papers in early 2019, when they will be published on our website. In the meantime, you can read last years conference papers here.

If you’re a faculty member interested in defending and sustaining academic freedom, free speech, and other civil liberties on campus, please consider joining the FIRE Faculty Network. By joining, you’ll receive information curated specifically for faculty, including the latest legal developments, strategies for activism, and noteworthy research and reporting related to free speech and academic freedom.