FIRE Guides are Essential to an Education in Liberty

October 10, 2008

Students are back in school, which means FIRE is in the full swing of things. As we see our usual crazy cases of college censorship, I am reminded that an important part of FIRE’s mission to defend individual rights on campus is to educate students in their rights.

For years, FIRE’s acclaimed Guides to Student Rights on Campus series has been provided to students and faculty members at no cost. Consisting of five books covering the gamut of students’ rights regarding free speech, religious liberty, due process, student fees and funding, and first-year orientation and thought reform, FIRE’s Guides program provides a comprehensive education for every student on their rights on campus. No student should be without a set.

All of FIRE’s Guides can be downloaded free from FIRE’s website. Hard copies are available free upon request to students and faculty members. Students interested in passing out Guides or otherwise educating their fellow students about their rights should send an e-mail to