FIRE Guides, Campus Freedom Network, and Speech Code Widgets

March 28, 2008 has linked to FIRE’s Guides order page in an entry titled "Free Books." Since our Guides orders have subsequently skyrocketed, this is a good chance to remind our readers that FIRE’s widely acclaimed five-volume Guides to Student Rights on Campus are indeed free to students and faculty members upon request. Just fill out the short order form on FIRE’s website and we will mail them to you! And of course, those who are not students or faculty members can order the guides from for $3.95 each.

Students and faculty members are also invited to join FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network. This site allows users to network with other liberty-minded students and faculty, and student members have the unique opportunity to apply to attend FIRE’s first annual CFN conference, "Free Speech vs. Speech Codes: Reclaiming Your Rights on Campus," which will take place this summer on June 26-28. (FIRE will cover the cost of food and accommodations for all students selected to attend. Travel scholarships will be available for students traveling from outside the Philadelphia area.)

We also would like to encourage our readers to place a FIRE widget for a school of their choice on their own blogs and websites. FIRE’s speech code widgets link directly to a school’s Spotlight page. It’s a good way to highlight your favorite school’s speech codes and get a free FIRE t-shirt in the process.

Just follow the directions below.

1. Visit and select your school by state, region, or just by typing it into the search box.

2. When your school’s page comes up, look on the right sidebar to see the widget for that particular school. Below it is a text box with HTML codeselect all and copy it to the clipboard.

3. Go to your blog or website, and paste the HTML code wherever you want the widget to appear.

4. Send us a link to your site with the widget posted on it and your mailing address.

Then we’ll send you a free FIRE t-shirt!