FIRE Launches CFN Incentive Program for Student Activists

September 5, 2008

It’s fall, and students are returning to classes and planning their extracurricular activities for the semester. FIRE understands how busy life can be for student activists in the oft-thankless task of making the world a better place. That is why the Campus Freedom Network is proud to introduce its Incentive Program for student members.

Here’s how it works: whenever a CFN member engages in liberty-minded activism including publishing op-eds on FIRE cases and related issues, hosting FIRE speakers, and recruiting new membershe or she earns points. These points accumulate to earn prizes such as FIRE Nalgenes, gift certificates, and books including Don Downs’ Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus, KC Johnson’s and Stuart Taylor’s Until Proven Innocent, and Alan Charles Kors’ and Harvey Silverglate’s The Shadow University. Students with the highest point totals will be inducted into the CFN’s Prometheus Society, and gain guaranteed acceptance to the 2009 CFN Summer Conference.

The CFN member most active in reforming his or her campus for liberty and earning the highest point total throughout the fall semester will receive a $2,500 scholarship or a technology bundle including a 42" widescreen, flat-panel HDTV, a library of FIRE DVDs, a MacBook with a 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 13" screen, an 160GB iPod classic fully loaded with FIRE videos and podcast library, and an 8.0MP Canon PowerShot Digital Camera. The second place will receive the choice of the HDTV or the Macbook and the third place will receive the choice of the iPod or the digital camera.

Students, don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in this rewarding program. Here’s another incentive: we’ll send you a free FIRE t-shirt just for joining. Sign up today!