FIRE President’s UW-Madison Speech Featured in ‘The Badger Herald’

November 16, 2011

Yesterday, FIRE President Greg Lukianoff visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) to speak to students about how censorship on campus, particularly in the form of speech codes, hurts society as a whole. Olivia Raedeke, a columnist for The Badger Herald, recapped the speech in today’s issue.

A leader of a national group that fights for students’ rights argued a positive relationship exists between free speech on campus and a more educated society during a lecture at the University of Wisconsin Law School Tuesday night.

In his lecture titled "How Censorship is [Wounding] America," Greg Lukianoff, president for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, said limiting college students’ freedom of speech on campus limits their ability to form and defend their own opinions on discourse and other public matters.

The article also quotes Professor Don Downs, a friend of FIRE who hosted Greg’s speech at UW:

"The talk reminds us how higher intuitions of higher education are failing in turning out young adults prepared for rigors of citizenship, which entails ability to handle complex and sometimes painful idea with intellectual maturity," said Downs, who is an adviser for The Badger Herald.

You can read the full article here.