FIRE Releases Video about Bucknell Case

August 12, 2009

Check out FIRE’s newest video, which comes straight from one of the students embroiled in the ongoing fight for free speech at Bucknell University. Watch as Bucknell University Conservatives Club President Travis Eaione recounts how the Bucknell administration censored his student group on three separate occasions as the group tried to peacefully protest affirmative action policies and President Obama’s stimulus plan. You’ll be shocked at how Bucknell is blatantly betraying the ideal of free speech using phony and patently false excuses.

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Help FIRE restore free speech and open debate to Bucknell: Listen to Travis’ story, demand that Bucknell’s president restore the university’s promise of free speech, and consider donating to FIRE today.

Schools:  Bucknell University

Cases:  Bucknell University: University Slams Door on Student Satires of Obama Stimulus Plan and Affirmative Action