FIRE Welcomes Jen Feden

August 7, 2008

We are excited to introduce Development Associate Jennifer Feden, the newest member of FIRE’s team. Jen graduated summa cum laude from Syracuse University in May 2008 with degrees in Policy Studies and Television-Radio-Film. Fittingly, Jen was selected to be a First Amendment Scholar at Syracuse. She co-produced a short documentary, "Speaking of Free Speech," which explored students’ and community members’ perceptions of and experiences with the First Amendment. According to Jen, the results were fascinating:

While some individuals I talked with spoke at length about the First Amendment and truly valued the rights that it guarantees, I discovered that others had never given the First Amendment much thought. While I found this disconcerting, I also found my own interest piqued. I could not believe that individuals could let something as important as their First Amendment rights fall by the wayside. That’s a large part of what drew me to FIRE. FIRE strives to bring the First Amendment to the forefront of public consciousness, and I think that’s something which is very necessary in today’s society. I am excited to be able to combine my passions both for serving society and for preserving the rights of individuals through my work at FIRE.

FIRE is excited to see Jen’s creativity and commitment translate into continued success for our development department and greater support for FIRE’s new and expanding programs. Welcome Jen!