Student Handbook: Distribution and Public Posting of Literature

Category: Posting and Distribution Policies School: Alabama A&M University Statement Rating: Yellow Last updated: May 12, 2016

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All postings by student organizations, individual students, or individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University must be approved by the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development, located in the 209 Ralph Lee University Center.

Signs must represent a student organization or individual student in a positive way, as they are a reflection of the University, the individual or group as a whole. The postings must reflect the values of the University as embodied in the Student Code of Conduct. No signs may be derogatory towards any person (regardless of affiliation) group, university department or entity on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic background or sexual orientation. The signs must not contain any profane, vulgar, or inappropriate content.

Literature may be distributed on University properties or at official University functions subject to the following provisions: … **Inappropriate literature (i.e. literature that is lewd, vulgar, profane in nature or advertising alcohol/drink specials) may not be posted or distributed.**

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